Q & A with Katrina

Katrina Lucas, Factory Manager, Nestle USA

1. What brought you and your family to Waverly?

I had worked for Nestle in Franklin Park, IL and was offered an opportunity to grow my career with the company. This opportunity ended up being in Waverly, IA. After a quick trip to Waverly for an interview I was able to check out the area and just loved how small and friendly the community was and thought it would be a perfect place for my family to grow.

2. What factors were attractive to you and your family as you were considering moving to Waverly?

Coming from an area right outside of Chicago you were constantly dealing with traffic, not so friendly people, big city living and that is not what I wanted for my son. The small town, friendly community and being able to work so close to where my son would be going to school were some factors that attracted me to Waverly. Along with all of the activities that Waverly has throughout the year.

3. What do you like most about living in Waverly?

I love the community involvement that is displayed. From the Heritage Days parade to Christmas Greetings on Main to Oktoberfest. We love spending time at the pool in the summer and the opportunity to spend time outside on the trails or in the parks. We even enjoy camping at Cedar Bend Park which is only a few minutes away. Waverly also has enough shopping and food options that I don’t feel like I can’t get something I want compared to living in a big city.

4. What type of opportunities are available for people in Waverly?

There are several different types of businesses in Waverly along with the option to create your own if you feel the entrepreneurial spirit.

5. What type of activities in Waverly do you and your family participate in?

We have participated in parades, Christmas Greetings on Main, and the Bremer County Fair.

6. What are the advantages of living, working, etc. in Waverly?

For me it is not spending 2+ hours in traffic every day and being able to spend more time with my son and doing the activities he loves to do. It allows me to cook dinners every day for my son and have the extra family time instead of sitting in a car in traffic.

7. Why would you encourage others to relocate to Waverly?

It gives off the small town feeling but with big town opportunities. I love being able to have everything I need and not have to drive out of town. There are so many opportunities for families to do activities together throughout the year. You have to love the light traffic and being able to make it from one side of town to the other in no time.

8. How would you describe the community spirit in Waverly?

It truly is a community. You can see it in the parades, during Christmas Greetings on Main and local pancake breakfasts. The city comes together to help families in need and you can see it in the turn outs for parades and other community events.

9. What’s the most exciting thing about living in Waverly?

All of the outdoor activities we can do right here, such as hiking, biking, camping, and swimming.

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