City of Waverly | Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Oh 2020, what a whirlwind of a year it has been. From children being sent home from school, employer layoffs, businesses being shut down—just to name a few—yet, the one thing that has remained constant and strong is our Waverly community.

The year has forced many of us to slow down. Fortunately, my husband and I still have plenty of work to be done—the construction business doesn’t end and my employer, CUNA Mutual Group, shifted to a remote work environment which has since allowed a little more time in our evening routine without the typical commute. The extra time we have in the evenings is spent at Crossfit Kilo, knocking some things off of our to do list at home, or my personal favorite – – spending time outdoors and exploring!

When “Mom needs a break”, my husband takes the boys to his favorite fishing spot below the bridge by 4 Queens, but our family favorite outing is a quick weeknight walk of the Rail Trail. We start on the bridge by Tatroe Electric, pay a visit to the Nesquik bunny, break at Kohlmann Park to burn off some energy, then continue on our walk to eventually just sit on the benches, watch the water at the dam, and be still (as still as you can be with two boys under 4). If you’ve never just sat and watched the water, it is quite peaceful (our boys love it) …and more so, if you pair it with a 4 Queens Snowstorm (peanut butter with Snickers is a MUST TRY)!

After the boys have finished their ice cream and the sun is about to set, we finish our walk by circling a few local business, where of course I do some “window shopping” to see if there are any local goodies I can snag when I have some extra time on the weekend. Then the night ends as we pack up the vehicle and are tuckered out and ready for home.

I recently visited The Golden Thistle, one of Waverly’s downtown stores after an impromptu lunch with my girlfriends at East Bremer Diner—and, if you haven’t tried the Fajita Melt paired with a side of Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, you must! YUM!

While shopping, I found exactly what I had my heart set out to get—some fall foliage and a new vase for our fireplace mantel (pictured below). As I was checking out with my steal of a deal, I asked the business owner how things have been since the pandemic, assuming they were slow, and she shared with me that our community has remained loyal to shopping local and things were great. I was surprised to hear this at first; however, after giving it some thought as I write this blog I truly am not surprised.

Our Waverly community is so extremely supportive in many ways, pandemic or no pandemic. From shopping local, attending fun city events, or even finding support in one of our local fitness facilities, Waverly is a great place to be and to raise a family.

Amid the chaos this year has brought, it continues to teach our family to “KEEP CALM and EXPLORE WAVERLY!”

Alexandra Stutzman, Waverly Resident

Pictured Above:
Top Left: Cheery and yellow foliage from The Golden Thistle
Top Right: One of the beautiful view captured on a morning walk overlooking the Cedar River while crossing the Rail Trail bridge.
Bottom Left: Our son, Ryker, enjoying the water (I think he spotted a fisherman).
Bottom Right: No caption needed. Thumbs up for 4 Queens!